/designati is a webzine that wants to recount excellence at Politecnico di Milano. It's a project developed during the "Software and Visual Design for the Web" course. The aim was to interview those alumni that are now top-class in their design fields, gather insights from world-famous designers that are teaching at Politecnico as well as showcase awesome projects made by current students.

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The website was developed using Wordpress. Every interview was shot, produced and edited by the /designati team.

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Marco Laganà

#webDesign #branding

Marco Laganà is an italian footwear designer that has just decided to start his own brand.
The identity of his new FALL/WINTER 2015-2016 collection and his brand website were designed in collaboration with Andrea Losa and Filippo Castellano, revisiting with a personal perspective the concepts of "Pop" and "Art".

biography marco laganà

The website was handcoded with a little bit of the Bootstrap framework.

collection marco laganà collection detail marco laganà

Pocket Street

#interaction #webDesign

Pocket Street is a service that let people living in the same neighbourhood locate, discuss and exploit problems and opportunities they find nearby. The focus was to provide citizens with a co-design driven environment where they could not only work together to make a better neighbourhood, but also create a stronger bond between neighbors.
Through a User-Centered Design approach, the team was able to better understand and analyse the context and the challenge, as well as generate valuable insight to shape the final design.

onfield research

One of the biggest difficulties was to find a way to involve elderly people in the process, since there usually is very low digital literacy. The final solution was to design a system where digital devices were integrated with printed artifacts
An app was designed following the Material Design Guidelines and a prototype of it was created with InVision and hosted on the Pocket Street website. This website was developed with a little help from the Bootstrap framework.

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#editorial #interaction

Moodfood is my undergraduate degree graduation thesis. The entire project was made in collaboration with Debora Mosconi and Giacomo Ciurlo. The brief was to design a system of artifacts that could function well together in a potential awareness campaign for the Italian Society for the Celiac Disease (AIC).
After defining the overall campaign and the core artifacts, each component of the group developed a part of the system and later produced a book in order to explain the design process.

moodfood detail moodfood detail

I was involved in the conceptual development of a mobile application and an interactive screen. While the former was meant to be a cooking application that could suggest different gluten-free recipes depending on the user's mood, the latter was designed to display a series of visualizations based on the data collected from the other digital artifacts of the system. The interactive screen would have been later put inside a hypothetical AIC exhibition space inside Expo.
In order to better represent the work done during the design process, the book contains various augmented reality icons that thanks to the Layar app enrich the reading with website links and videos.

moodfood layar app moodfood detail


#arduino #product

This is a project made during the Physical Computing class at Politecnico di Milano. The aim of the course was to create an object of any kind that would react to the user's interaction, specifically that would work only when recognizing the user's presence.
VentoLA was born.

pinwheel VentoLA

VentoLA is made up with bicycle's parts, reassembled into a music instrument, run by Arduino.
When a user approaches the device, an ultrasonic sensor detects him/her and turns on a light, indicating that VentoLA is ready to play.
The user can now blow on the red pinwheel, producing a sound that is processed by Arduino and generated through Ableton Live. Using the bicycle brake the user can shift the pitch of the sound.

handlebars VentoLA

Here is a teaser trailer of the device (HD version here):